K and D Communication Limited, a name known for bringing a new dimension to the trade and business of Indian industry through exhibitions and industrial trade fairs and creating new milestones every step of its way.

K and D’s journey began in the year 1997 with hard work and determination along with a dedicated team; today we proudly proclaim to one of the few industrial exhibition organizing companies who have a sound track record of organizing successful exhibitions.

The Pioneers in Business and Industrial trade fairs, K and D is all about bringing about a change in the industrial environment of Gujarat and India on the whole. With a brood intention to promote more and more business to India and to promote new companies and investments in India through exhibitions , K and D ensures to leave no stone unturned to project India as the strong TECH HUB .

The event management & industrial exhibitions organizing a business is always considered as an investment at K and D. We have a rich experience that evidently speaks about the value we have delivered to our clients in the form of business generated through our exhibitions which is reflected through over 62.78%* % repeat participation from our clients. We always ensure to design a blend of personalized quality service along with cost effectiveness and value maximization. We make sure to provide our clients with a promotional platform yielding business and network expansion opportunity. This opportunity is provided to every aspirant participating in our exhibition irrespective of its size, capacity, and the market presence.

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  • The prime focus of the Government of Gujarat is to promote Trade & Business and the key areas for development identified included: Innovation, Sustainability, Knowledge Sharing, and Networking
  • India’s largest and one of the most successful Trade Exhibition, “Vibrant Gujarat” is an example of a visionary approach of the Government of Gujarat towards inclusive and sustainable development
  • Six successful summits held so far have immensely contributed to the transformation of Gujarat into a “Global Business Hub”. The brand “Vibrant Gujarat” began as an “Investors’ Summit” has now evolved into an ideal platform for knowledge sharing, social and business transformation
  • It has proved to be an ideal convergence for other states and other countries to showcase their strengths, highlight business


Although the plastic industry is now in its second century, the most important developments have occurred in 1910. Since the creation of first man-made plastic by Alexander Parkes in 1862, the plastic industry has evolved and broadly integrated into today’s lifestyle by making a major, irreplaceable contribution to virtually all product areas.

1946Phenolic Resin
1957Poly Styrene
1959Low-Density Poly Ethylene
1961Poly Vinyl Chloride
1968High-Density Poly Ethylene
1978Integrated Petro-Chemical Complex (IPCL)
1993Poly Vinyl Chloride
1999World’s Largest Petro-Chemical Complex and Green Refinery


  • The size of the plastic processing industry stands at Rs8.50 billion (9 MMT), is expected to reach Rs.1300 billion (18.9 MMT) by 2015.
  • Per capita consumption 9 kg
  • Processing capacity 30 MMT
  • Employing about 4 million people
  • 2,000 exporters
  • More than 30,000 operational processing units