Plastic Injection Molding Service

During 2013 MTM invested in an expansion programme at our West Midlands Site, encompassing  a brand new injection facility with machines ranging from 100T  to 600T.  Combined with our existing assembly and paint facilities, MTM has the ability to fulfil a diverse range of customer requirements for small, medium or large volume projects.  

Materials Available:
Nylons PA6, PA6.6
Metal replacement Nylons,  
PBT, Acrylic,
Glass filled Nylons
Polypropylene Talc filled and Mineral filled
High Impact Polystyrene

Should you require any assistance with material selection for your specific project, please do not hesitate to contact our technical team who will be happy to assist.

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‘Krismalex’ Electrical Standoff Insulators have excellent electrical properties and outstanding dimensional stability.

Each Standoff Electrical Insulator is manufactured from glass reinforced moulding compound, which make them preferable to traditional types of insulators, particularly when components are likely to be subject to heavy duty or to exceptionally high mechanical forces.

The general electrical properties of glass reinforced polyester materials have led to their extensive use for Electrical Standoff Insulators . Resistance to tracking and insulation resistance is both excellent and components can safely be specified in suitable grades of material for use in high current arcing conditions.

Standoff Insulator Insert Material
Brass as standard. Zinc plated mild steel also available.

Krismalex Electrical Standoff Insulator Types
• Standard Low-Voltage Type 1333 Insulator
• Pillar Type 1506 Insulator
• Flanged Type 1635 Insulator
• 3.3kV Waisted Type 1365 Insulator
• 6.6kv Stand-off Type 1546 Insulator
• 7.2kV Post Type 1732A Insulator
• 11kV Post Type 1732B Insulator

Standoff Insulator Material
Glass reinforced polyester moulding compound – general-purpose grade G, reduced flammability grade G/B, arc resistant grade G7/B, or UL94 V0 grades.