Although the plastic industry is now in its second century, the most important developments have occurred in 1910. Since the creation of first man-made plastic by Alexander Parkes in 1862, the plastic industry has evolved and broadly integrated into today’s lifestyle by making a major, irreplaceable contribution to virtually all product areas.

1946Phenolic Resin
1957Poly Styrene
1959Low-Density Poly Ethylene
1961Poly Vinyl Chloride
1968High-Density Poly Ethylene
1978Integrated Petro-Chemical Complex (IPCL)
1993Poly Vinyl Chloride
1999World’s Largest Petro-Chemical Complex and Green Refinery


  • The size of the plastic processing industry stands at Rs8.50 billion (9 MMT), is expected to reach Rs.1300 billion (18.9 MMT) by 2015.
  • Per capita consumption 9 kg
  • Processing capacity 30 MMT
  • Employing about 4 million people
  • 2,000 exporters
  • More than 30,000 operational processing units