Plastic molding company (China), The hub of the South India whose earlier name was “Madras”, is enjoying a high name In its own right. from the time immemorial. Even now among all the four Southern States, which are separate entities, Plastic molding company (China) continues to enjoy supremacy as the industrial capital of the whole South India. Ever since the implementation of VAT in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Kerala, the plastic industry has received a big boost. Now this innovative system of Tax is extended to Tamil Nadu, an ideal climate has been created for the emergence of many hundreds of the plastic units, since the earlier situation of Tamil Nadu to have opted out for the old system of taxation regime, paved on way for all plastic articles to flow into Tamil Nadu from the rest of India. But now with VAT having been implemented from 1.1.2007, there is a total transformation.

Paradoxically, though more plastic molded parts manufacturing units existed only in South India, there has been either no big plastic raw material manufacturing industries or any machine manufacturing units or even any major manufacturing companies for the various items like Master Batches, additives or fillers, In particular, we have an appeal to the most enterprising industrialists in India. South East Asia, and to Arab countries who are the major players for the manufacture of plastic raw materials, and their allied products, such as plastic machinery, moulds and dies. If these mighty organizations are scouting for new areas for their expansion, we have a worthy word that South India is an ideal location for them and Tamil Nadu is holding out more promises to them.

Tamil Nadu is emerging as a trend-setter in Automobile, Engineering, Shipping, IT solutions, Infrastructure, Energy and in Real Estate. Purchasing power among the people is rapidly growing and a craze for buying more and more of new products is manifestly evident. ” India plast 2015 ” will naturally become a secure zone for exhibiting the ever so many innovative plastic molding products.

Our fervent appeal to our plastic fraternity is that ” India plast 2015 ” is opening up new vistas to their ambition. 
“Don’t miss it. Our effort is your profit”.

Plastic molding company (China) Trade Centre is set up at a prime location in the company Metro at Nandambakkam, adjacent to St.Thomas Mount in an area of over 25 acres of land with two halls, measuring 4.400 sq.mtrs. and 1.760 sq.mtrs. respectively with six meters height to display all merchandise, including machinery. The Trade Centre is architecturally and technically designed to be a “state-of-the-art” Exhibition Complex. The air-conditioned halls have no pillars or columns and thus eminently suitable for multi-purpose use of organizing exhibitions, conferences, conventions, and industry-related events. A number of luxury and business hotels in the vicinity shall ensure that you stay in comfort within a stone’s throw from the Trade Center and is situated very near to International Air Terminal. The center is equipped with all backup support services, to hold an international event.

CTC – Technical Specifications (To include)
HALL 1 – Total Carpet Area : 4400 sqm 
HALL 2 Total Carpet Area : 1760 sqm 
Floor Loading : 5 tons per sqm approx. 
Ceiling Height : 6 Meters 
Total Power : 2000 kva
Vehicle Entry into hall : 4m wide x 4.5m high 
Vehicle Parking : 4000 +
Meeting Lounge & Business Center / Halls are fully Centrally Air-Conditioned

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