• With more than 1 billion citizens, India is the second most populous nation in the world.
  • Has the highest number of billionaires in Asia & fourth highest in the world
  • One of the world’s fastest growing wealth creators, thanks to its knowledge economy and its vast manufacturing and agriculture industry.
  • 50 out of the top 100 of fortune 500 companies are present in India
  • Joined the elite club of 12 countries with a trillion dollar economy.
  • India has emerged as one of the most attractive investment destinations


  • The Indian plastics industry made a promising beginning in 1957 with the production of polystyrene
  • Today in India there are about 30000 plastic processing units and 150 plastic processing machinery manufacturers in india
  • The per capita consumption of plastic products in India is growing at 13% CAGR for last decade
  • The Indian Plastics Industry has been growing at a rate of 12% ,it is all set to reach the 12.5 MMT by consumption making India the 3rd largest consumer of plastics